Why I publish my talks in written form

  • some people prefer reading to watching videos (time, Internet connection, personal preferences)
  • people with hearing impairments exist
  • not everyone is a native English speaker and it might make it easier for them to follow
  • some people speak with strong accents, mumble (both natives and non-natives) and you might just not understand everything
  • with the rising trend of designing slides for likes and retweets, slides become less informative (there’s a hashtag for that)
  • it’s easier to revisit – and browse through – a blog post than a video
  • I might have missed something during my talk, or might want to add something to what I said.
  • it’s important for me to share my ideas and discuss them with people – I want to know other people’s approaches and opinions.

I guess that’s more or less it. What do you think?


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