Making our applications greener

Recovering from burnout means delays in doing things. Thus, this is a written version of a talk I made during DevopsDays Oslo 2019. You can find slides from my presentation here, and the recording of the talk here. Note: this written version is published as is, with data from 2019, when COVID-19 hasn’t happened yet.…More


A beginner’s guide to computer colors (and the terminal prompt)

The time to make my workstation look and feel the way I always wanted to has finally come. No more default high-contrast, dark, hacker-movie terminal themes or industry-accepted color palettes. No more default fonts. My soul is neon-pastel baby, and so should my computer be. If tinkering with your Linux color palette sounds appealing to…More

Ethics in software development

This is the written down talk I gave at on October 4th 2016. Slides can be found here. If you’re watching the TV series “Silicon Valley”, you might remember the signature gag from season one, shot at a real TechCrunch Disrupt event. Each of the presenting teams claimed they are making the world a…More

Why I publish my talks in written form

some people prefer reading to watching videos (time, Internet connection, personal preferences) people with hearing impairments exist not everyone is a native English speaker and it might make it easier for them to follow some people speak with strong accents, mumble (both natives and non-natives) and you might just not understand everything with the rising…More

DevOps and sharing

This is a written version of a talk I gave at DevOps Days Kiel. You can find the slides here. My computer failed me during the presentation and hung up on Libre Office, so I had to go the first 5 minutes without slides. Pro tip: keep your speaker notes on a different device than…More

A case against showmanship

This is a written version of a talk I gave at eurucamp 2015. Slides from the talk can be found here. Marta, why do you hate fun? A couple months ago, I took part in a conversation about inappropriate content in presentation slides. The discussion was whether to modify a user group’s Code of Conduct…More

Openness in OSS communities at CoreOS Fest Berlin

I was part of a very interesting session at CoreOS Fest Berlin today. The folks from CoreOS will prepare a proper blog post highlighting results of the discussion, but I wanted to write down some of my own impressions from the session. Apart from that, the thought process that led us to the chosen format…More

Codes of Conduct, and stuff

This blog post originally appeared on my other blog, but I decided to move it here to keep all my IT blog posts in one place. I had a very interesting conversation with Florian Gilcher a couple weeks ago. Florian – one of the eurucamp organizers – shared his experiences on how hard it gets…More